Christal Rousseau MD

Christal Rousseau, MD is a board-certified Family Physician specializing in Family Medicine, Urgent and Emergency Medicine.  She is a Senior Instructor at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where she educates medical students and resident physicians in clinical medicine.  This academic appointment allows her to maintain a finger on the pulse of the latest scientific research on the benefits, contraindications and uses of marijuana.  She hopes to open minds to alternative therapies such as Cannabidiol (CBD), which have less addictive and adverse side effects.
Dr. Rousseau attended the University of Colorado for her BA in psychology, then went on to medical school and completed residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.
Due to her own personal experiences with a family member, Dr. Rousseau has a unique perspective about medical marijuana. After her brother was diagnosed with AIDS in the late 80s, he suffered from many painful and sometimes debilitating infections.  Fortunately, he lived in Holland, where it was legal for him to use marijuana.  When other medications failed to help, marijuana helped him to cope and bear the unbearable.  It was then that Dr. Rousseau made it her mission to help others find relief through her medical knowledge, having a true understanding of how chronic illnesses and chronic pain can ravage the mind, body and spirit.

Stephanie Hess, MD

Stephanie Hess, MD is a board-certified family physician specializing in Family Medicine, Geriatric and Urgent Care.  She is a Senior Clinical Instructor at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.
She attended medical school at The Ohio State University and trained at University of Colorado in Denver, Colorado.  She has been practicing medicine for 19 years and has been recommending medical marijuana as adjunctive therapy for those who meet state and medical requirements for over a decade.
Dr. Hess became involved in this burgeoning field of medical practice due to patient demand from her Boulder, CO practice.  She is most excited about the improvements she has seen in her Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Dementia patients and chronic pain patients. She has had experience recommending therapy for all qualifying conditions for cannabis care.

Dr. Hess became interested in pursing certification in Ohio as a Cincinnati native to bring evidence-based medical marijuana use to her community of origin.


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