1. How do I get a Medical Marijuana License?

It’s easy here at  Vital Balance. We help you every way possible.

Make sure you have one of the Qualifying conditions

Request an Online appointment  or Call now (513)394-2524 

Fill out forms , Fax (513)or bring in Medical Records


2.What do I bring to the appointment?

-Forms: Download, print and Fill out forms 

 (filling out forms ahead of time will help expedite overall time)

-Medical Records that include your diagnosis of qualifying condition, Medications/treatments,etc. If it is chronic   debilitating pain please include supporting documentation. No bills please.

-Ohio State Picture ID, Drivers license or Passport. You must be an Ohio resident and have a valid government-issues ID to qualify.  Accepted IDs include unexpired passports, US passport cards, state-issued driver’s licenses, or other Ohio-issued IDs from the BMV.

Medical Marijuana Recommendations 

All medical marijuana patients must be registered through Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP).

Our doctors will provide a Statement of Affirmative Defense to qualified patients. Ohio lawmakers provided an Affirmative Defense as a way to reduce legal risks for medical marijuana patients and prove they are following Ohio law.  While there have been examples where officers may choose not to cite a person when they have an affirmative defense letter , an Affirmative Defense may not actually prevent an arrest or citation; it prevents conviction.

If you have questions regarding how the current laws regarding medical marijuana may affect you, please contact a licensed attorney with expertise in medical marijuana.

After approval, you will receive your Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program card directly from the state. Your card will be valid for 1 year.

3.What happens if I don't qualify?

Not everyone meets the state requirements or would benefit from Medical Marijuana. If this happens we will consult with you on alternative therapies and charge the consultation fee of $50.

4.What documentation does the state require?

The State requires proof of Ohio residency. All you need is a Ohio state issued I.D. or Driver’s License.

For more Information check 


5. What if I live out of state?

Ohio State law requires proof of residency to acquire a Medical Marijuana License.  You are prohibited from taking ANY marijuana across state borders. 


6. How long is my card valid?

1 year from the date the state issued license is issued.

7. How old do I have to be?

We see patients who are 18 or older and have a Qualifying medical condition.

8. Can I grow my own Plants?

No. You must obtain all Medical Marijuana products from an Ohio approved licensed dispensary.


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